Daniel Associates

Daniel Associates Reports, provides market intelligence services to companies that wish to gain insight into specific sectors. The research project can be identified by an individual or multiple sponsoring companies. We use a variety of evidence-based market analysis techniques to reveal trends, attitudes, perceptions, practices and insights that underlie the development process.

Our experienced research team will work with you to fully understand your needs in order to create and conduct a custom market research program that meets your objectives. Whether you require information to support product development, opportunity assessment, pricing guidance, market entry decisions, or other time-critical business decisions, we can deliver real-time market research within your timeframe and budget.

Leverage our experience and institutional knowledge to create a fit-for-purpose market research project that addresses the business decisions you need to make.

We Have the Experience…

DANIEL ASSOCIATES has designed and implemented more than 100 unique market research programs. Our methodology-independent approach enables us to design the best approach that balances time, cost, and analytics to ensure your needs are met.

  • Web-based surveys
  • In-depth phone interviews
  • On-line bulletin board focus groups
  • Traditional, behind-the-glass focus groups
  • Telephone surveys
  • Secondary research

…And We Have the Expertise

  • New product and service testing
  • Business case development
  • Geographic market entry strategies
  • Adjacent market entry and analysis
  • Acquisition analysis
  • Market sizing and market share

Investigator Forum:

Don’t guess at your study’s inclusion/ exclusion criteria and patient recruitment strategy. DANIEL ASSOCIATES can test your plans against “on the ground” principal investigators.

Brand, Advertising and Message Testing:

The pharmaceutical industry and your customers are evolving; get a jump start on how to craft and where to place your messages.

Loyalty Management:

DANIEL ASSOCIATES has deep expertise in developing loyalty management programs that strengthen your customer relationships.

New Product and Service Development:

DANIEL ASSOCIATES helps its customers identify risks, gather data, and make more confident business decisions.

Competitive Intelligence:

Find out what your competition is likely planning and develop strategies to respond.

Strategy War Games:

Using a proprietary approach to strategic planning, DANIEL ASSOCIATES helps its clients plan for a range of potential threats to a company’s position in the market.

The Daniel Associates Reports team brings the same intelligence and care for accuracy and substance that you value in our reports to your custom research needs.