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COVID 19 – The World will Fight pandemics

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The world is fighting a health pandemic and we all salute the healthcare experts who are at the forefront, helping save lives. Parallelly, another war is being waged – the economic pandemic. The complete lockdown across hundreds of countries is likely to cost trillions of dollars. The CXOs across the world have created war rooms, taking unprecedented decisions to fight this economic pandemic.

Decision making at this juncture is getting complex due to lack of visibility in what other similar companies are strategizing, what rapid shifts are being planned by the clients or client’s clients; COVID-19’s cascaded impact on sectors which are directly impacted on other sectors, how big will be the shift in the product line of companies due to COVID-19 as some offerings are bound to grow and some shall decline, and companies deferring their long term plans and investment to meet short term priorities. While at one side companies are planning 25% to 30% reduction in CAPEX and 20% to 25% reduction in OPEX to sustain, long-term growth plans are being pushed by 2-4 quarters, and on the other side, there will be increased investment to create ‘pandemic management’ infrastructure. The concepts such as manufacturing continuity, education continuity, supply chain continuity, government continuity, critical services continuity, and business continuity will see more spend. Every larger enterprise will disrupt itself and think of newer ways to operate and sustain and become more agile and relevant.

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Changes in companies will continue to change every quarter for the next four quarters. Some changes are happening to keep the lights ON, while some changes will eventually happen to avoid such pandemic in the future, as no company or country will remain under-prepared to lose so many lives or trillions of dollars in the future. This may see unprecedented shifts in the way companies or countries are operating. The countries and corporates worldwide will get together to create “Pandemic Management Infrastructure” and spends towards the same will likely exceed ‘smart cities’ spend as well.

Daniel Associates is bringing acute insights into all unknowns at three levels of a cascaded ecosystem: you, your clients, and your client’s clients rapid shifts in strategies and how COVID-19 has impacted them. These include:

    Outside-in view of your 50 top clients and their clients from various business domains – especially their shifting short-term priorities

    Use-case & revenue sources/markets which will grow or decline due to the COVID-19 impact

    What 100 top companies in each sector are strategizing to fight the COVID-19 impact.

At Daniel Associates, we commit to helping businesses survive this pandemic. We all need to fight this dual war – the healthcare pandemic and the economic pandemic. We salute our industry experts and every team at Daniel Associates who are working day and night, engaging all stakeholders of companies, their clients’ clients, and vendors to find rapid shifts and unprecedented decisions that are being taken by CXOs for making this available to all board rooms timely to help them sustain and survive in this crisis. No one is liking what is happening around this pandemic, but we are sure there will be a whole new era post-COVID which will be very different than pre-COVID in the years to come. US$ 25 trillion will be lost in the old revenue sources of B2B companies and new US$ 25 trillion are in the making from newer technologies, use cases, products, and eco-systems.

The unique lens of analyzing interconnected ecosystems makes Daniel Associates uniquely positioned to understand the revenue shifts and impact of COVID-19, thereby assisting the clients in this unprecedented pandemic catastrophe. Humans have fought wars and won over them, and fought every crisis and strengthened themselves more.

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